Wednesday, 29 June 2016

My first junk journal

I've used old books and diaries etc to use as journals before, but this is the first time I've made from scratch, myself. The cover was made from a Cadbury's Fingers box (a double one) and the insides are made from various magazine pages, doilies, music manuscript, enveloped, a paper bag and bits of junk mail.

The cover was covered in white paint then a piece of tissue paper was glued on with mod podge. The tag and mini frame were in my stash and I made the mini suffolk puffs and the bow. The alphabet pieces used for the word journal is from Pinterest.

I've used four signatures (the different groups of pages) with nine pieces of paper, folded in half. I sewed each signature into the cover and you can see the stitches on the spine in the sixth photo. It was hard work on my fingers though, I need to improve my technique. Apart from the envelopes and the paper bag that are forming pages in the journal, I've not added any pockets etc yet, so I'm going to add those as I go.

The inside of the cover has been painted with three colours of acrylic paint that were blended together. I've only added a sticker to the inside of the cover so far, but I may add a couple of pockets in the future.

I've also created my first page - art deco. It's mainly a mixture of images from Pinterest, with the addition of a couple of embellishments from my stash. 

I'm going to have fun working in this journal and learning about and using new techniques to decorate the pages.

I'll be back on Friday.


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  1. Lovely!

    I am spending a lot of time on You tube & Instagram looking at different types of journalling at present.