Wednesday, 1 June 2016

A pink and white pouch


The last time you saw this it was ready to be sewn up and finished. The opening is in the middle, like the previous pouch I made, though I decided not to put a fastening on this one.

The outside of this pouch has been made with pink and white gingham that has been decorated with a mixture of lace, broderie anglais and embroidery. The embroidery is quite simple as I've just used buttonhole lace, running stitch, french knots and cross-stitch. The inside is lined with fabric from a vintage cotton sheet.

I'm going to keep this pouch, too, as somewhere to keep some of my current work in that doesn't fit into my small sewing box. (I have a sewing basket, a little box and three tins that I use for different types of work e.g. patchwork, brooches, collages etc. They help me to keep on top of what I'm doing rather than everything all stuffed into one space.)

I may make a couple of these to sell at some point, once I have reduced the amount that I'm working on at the moment!

I'll be back on Friday.


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