Sunday, 16 October 2016

A couple more Halloween cards

These Halloween cards are for two of my American penpals, like my first one was. As I've mentioned before, I don't intend to make any Halloween bits and pieces available for sale this year, but I may do some market research for next year to see if people would be interested. What about you, dear Reader, would you? I'd be interest in your thoughts. My readers are mainly a mix of British and American, so one side of the pond may have different ideas than the other. The only problem posting something like a card to the States can be quite expensive (once you get past the different types of the lower postal charges, the amount you can send as a parcel makes it more value for money).

Anyway, back to these cards, there's a gothic one and a more orange pumpkin, less scary-type one. Both are on grey card and have a grey paper background. All of the images on the gothic one were found on Pinterest. The other is a mixture of Pinterest and stuff I had in my stash.

Each card has a tag and, on the inside, a couple bits of ephemera with a triangular paperclip.

I need to get these in the post sharpish so they arrive in time (how is it we're half-way through October already?!).

I hope your weekend is going well (I'm busy making Christmas decorations myself) and I'll be back on Tuesday.


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