Saturday, 22 October 2016

On my 'desk'

I do have a beautiful workroom (I'll add a link below to my post for the 2016 Where Bloggers Create blog hop), but some days in just too tired to walk up that extra flight of stairs or work day up at a desk, so my bed becomes my desk.

To save having to get stuff out of my stash from upstairs (and defeating the purpose of working on my bed!) I keep a couple of boxes of fabric and vintage lace/linens under my bedside table. I'd probably end up wth more if my other half wasn't too keen for my side of the bed area to look like a jumble sale!

In the fabric box, I keep my favourite background fabrics - plain linens, striped cottons - and a selection of patterned fabric scraps. The linens etc box has some whole and cut linens and a few bits of lace. Both boxes have enough for starting something new or for an item I'm working 

The tin in the last photo is my Christmas tin and it has whatever I'm using for my Christmas makes in it and whatever I'm currently working on.

The two plastic containers in the fifth photo have a selection of beads and sequins, bits of bling and other embellishments. These are much more portable than all of the jars and containers in my workroom.  They're a handy size to travel with to if I take my stitching anywhere. I do find these little plastic containers useful.

I hope you're having a good weekend.  It's my birthday next week so I'm taking a few days off, so my next blog post will be in Friday, 28th October.


The link to my Where bloggers create post

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  1. Have a Happy Birthday Louise, and enjoy your days off. Seems we both have October birthdays as mine was yesterday! Love your bits of fabric and lace, etc.
    All the Best,