Friday, 10 April 2015

Swathed in stitch 12 - scrim lace, french knots etc.

I'm adding french knots and the occasional bead to my scrim lace. I'm using a mixture of white and hand-dyed fine embroidery threads. It's reasonably straight forward, but time consuming, so it'll take a while for me to finish.

The last three photos are of my net fme lace. I've added buttonhole lace around a couple more holes and started to add the off bullion loop. This piece will be another slow burner, taking time to complete, so it's a good job that I haven't a completion deadline for both of these pieces!



  1. I hope by now these pieces have reached completion. I especially like the lace you made from netting. That was really ingenious. You are really good at hand stitching, and seem to have a TON of patience, too.

    Thanks for joining us with your second look on the 2nd. This was a beautiful and informative post.

  2. Hello from second look on the 2nd.
    What gorgeous needlework you created.
    French knots are a favorite stitch of mine and you've taken them to new heights!

  3. What beautiful work....soooooo pretty.
    Annie x

  4. Wow, gorgeous, and very time-consuming work!

  5. I envy you and your ability to do such detailed hand work ♥♥♥ I love needle work but hand can't do any longer and my eyes can't see it :(