Saturday, 30 May 2015

An apron for a birthday present

I raided my various stashes for this apron. The main body of the apron is made from a linen tablecloth, the edge, of which, I used to create the hem. The sides were just folded over and stitched. For the band and ties I used vintage fabric with a 70s design. To create the pocket I used a flower-shaped placemat that I attached to the apron by sewing a rectangle on three sides. This means that the actual pocket is a normal pocket shape and size. I attached a vintage button to each end of the opening to strengthen them.

 The placemat was part of a fabulous find from Ebay. There were more placemats, coasters and tablemats all in the same design, each one hand-embroidered, along with a whole pile of other table linens. I like to know that someone else's hard work has been reused and not stuffed in a cupboard, forgotten.


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  1. I do love that big green flower Louise. I don't envy you working with linen.....the creasing would drive me mad