Saturday, 23 May 2015

Rose pillow

This pillow is made from a patch of pink and cream linen and cotton fabrics. The largest is cream linen that is covered in hand embroidered flowers and stems (it's something I embroidered many years ago). To the right of this a piece of cream and dusky pink Ian Mankin linen has been joined to the embroidered fabric with buttonhole lace. This piece of fabric is also decorated with three wrapped threads that are topped and tailed with french knots, with the addition of a bullion loop at the bottom of each wrapped thread. Across the top of the pillow there is a section of drawn threadwork taken from a vintage cotton napkin. The join between this fabric and those on the bottom is edged with lavender lace.

The pillow is backed with cream cotton from a damaged vintage tablecloth and has been stuffed with dried rose petals and  synthetic stuffing. Rose pillow and Elsie May and Bertha labels have been added to the bottom of the right-hand seam. Once stuffed the pillow has been edged in running stitch. A dusky pink porcelain button has been hand-tied onto the pillow where the three fabrics meet.


P.S. You can buy this pillow here.

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  1. all so lovely. don't you love working with linen cloth? i love seeing the weave.