Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A blue lavender pillow

The top of this pillow is made from thick cotton fabric that has a greige (think dark cream with a touch of grey) background with airforce blue printed images. This has then been embellished with an image of an Edwardian lady dressed in the same colour blue as the fabric, with a background of bronze with white flowers. This has been edged in blue pekinese stitch. Underneath the image there is some vintage cream lace and to the side of it a thin strip of blue fabric with bullion loops down one edge and stab stitches down the other. Where the two different background fabrics meet there's a line of buttonhole lace and a row of prairie points in the same blue fabric as the narrow strip. On the righthand half of the pillow there's a circle of tatting and then another line of the vintage cream lace.

The pillow has been backed with beige cotton and then filled with dried lavender petals and synthetic stuffing. In the right-hand side seam there are two labels, one says lavender pillow, the other has the Elsie May and Bertha logo. Once stuffed the pillow was edged with running stitch, a bead was hand tied onto the hat of the lady in the image and a vintage button was tied at the bottom right corner.

The pillow measure 10cm tall x 27cm wide x 6cm deep (approx).

You can now buy this pillow from the Elsie May and Bertha website here www.elsiemayandbertha.co.uk/Blue-lavender-pillow.



  1. very lovely pillow Louise!!

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