Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Reinventing the page 3 - design sheet 2

I've used these three images as inspiration for my second design sheet. Below are the rough drafts for the shapes I wanted to use. I've used different colours to see which would work best for the final sheet.

I made some templates to make reproducing these design elements easier.

The pictures that follow are of my first go with these shapes.

I used a black fine liner, a yellow glitter gel pen and a gold Sharpie. Apart from the next to last photo you can't really see the sheen on the gold in the flower heads. You also can't see the glitter of the yellow gel pen.

The colours I've used have given this a 60s/70s vibe, which wasn't what I intended originally. I was hoping for it to be more 50s in style like the pictures I used for inspiration. But I do like it though.

I am going to have another go using different colours to see what changes they might make.


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