Friday, 11 November 2016

Red printed Christmas tree decorations

I love this Christmas tree stamp with all of its little curlicues. I plan on embroidering a print from it one day (I need a 48 hour day and loads more energy to do everything I want to at the moment!).

These are printed on smooth cotton and I've added a piece of Merry Christmas ribbon, backed it with small gingham (another favourite at this time of year) and used a stripy ribbon for the hanger.

These ones are for my delivery to the Seagrass Gallery today, but I do have a couple unfinished that I will be adding to my store in my next update (the pile of things to go on is getting quite big, so adding those is my next big job!).

Remembrance or "Poppy Day" is Great Britain's day of remembrance for its WWI veterans. The practice of wearing poppies takes its origin from the poem, “In Flanders Fields, 1915” written by Lieut. Col. John McCrae. He was a member of the first Canada contingent and died in France in 1918 after four years of service on the western front.:

Today is Remembrance Day where we think about those who sacrificed their lives, or who have been injured to protect us from harm.

I'll be back on Sunday.


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