Sunday, 27 November 2016

I'm making a Christmas junk journal - part one, the cover and gathering papers

I have quite a lot of Christmas stuff in my paper and ephemera stashes that I have acquired over a few years, so I thought I'd make myself a Christmas junk journal to use some of this up. As with my first junk journal, I've used a Cadbury's fingers box for the cover. 

I've painted over the front of the cover with some red acrylic paint. It's not hidden the images on the front but it just adds a richer backing under the tissue paper that I've used on top. I used mod podge to stick the tissue paper down and added a coat over the top to give a glossy finish. I love the texture that the tissue paper (and the napkin I've used on the inside) makes rather than for it to be smoothed down completely flat (plus that would incur a lot of faffing about!). I used the top layer of a napkin and repeated the same process as the front for the inside cover.

So far I've decorated the front with a tag and a couple of wooden embellishments. I've used embossing powder on the Christmas decoration wooden embellishment and on the tag. I will be adding other stuff to the front when I come across something I want to use. 

I've gathered together some old Christmas cards, Christmas scrapbook papers, pages out of catalogues and some envelopes and bags to use the pages on the inside. The next job will be to create the signatures and to attach these to the cover.

I hope you're having a good weekend and I'll be back on Tuesday.