Friday, 13 May 2016

An envelope journal letter

One of my pen pals (Tams of Papertams) talked about making junk journals, which I'd never heard of before (basically you use paper 'junk' to create a journal. Google junk journals if you want to know more.) There are quite a few people on YouTube who have videos about creating and using junk journals, but my favourite two channels belong to Liz (Sugar735) and Shannon (ShannonGreen). 

A couple of weeks ago, Liz showed us how to make a little journal, with lots of pockets, using envelopes. Basically, you tuck the flap of one envelope into the pocket bit of another envelope. Pop over to Liz's channel to find out how to make one. I had a go at making one, which I'm sending to one of my pen pals.

I've used some recycled sari yarn as a tie that I added a little heart charm to. I've popped little notes on each of the pages so my pen pal knows what's where (including the letter, the purpose of the exercise!). I usually put a little something in the envelope when I send a letter and this little journal has lots of nice little pockets to put things in. The recipient can then use the journal as she wishes as there's plenty of space to add her own bits and pieces.

Once you've got the knack of getting the envelopes to stay where you want them, these journals are quite straightforward to make. I've already started on a second to go to another pen pal.


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