Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Current works in progress.

This pink gingham and lace piece is destined to be a pouch for me to keep some of my current work in. I'm just going to add a little more embroidery before backing it and then turning into a pouch.

This piece is also pink and white. It's in the early stages of becoming a piece of textile art.

This blue and cream piece is to be a lavender sachets. The bit of diamante used to be an earring. 

The embellishment for this collage has been finished and it needs backing. I'm not sure how I'm going to mount this, it could either be just attached to some mount board or to frame it.

This is just a mini collage. I need to finish the house, but I haven't decided on how to finish it yet.

You've seen this one before. So far, I've just started to add some buttonhole stitch to the seam with the lace in the middle. A bit of a slow start.

I do have more things on the go, but these are the items I'm actually applying needle and thread to at the present.


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