Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Finally, I have new pages in my scrapbook/journal!

It's taken me some time, but I've finally started adding new pages to my scrapbook/journal. Chiefly thanks to my penpal, Tams, at Paper Tams.

It's getting rather fat, so it has it now has its own little belt! 

The journal label is new .

The page that restarted it all. Tams used a glassine bag to make a mini journal with a couple of pages and pockets (you can see it better in the photo below), she also made the tag with the rabbit on on the left-hand page.The cat tag was added by me.

The cards on these two pages were sent to me in swaps and I've decided to keep them in here as I was running out of wall space to hang them on! All of the washi tape came off penpal letters and envelopes. The Teeny Tiny Vintage card used to have some of Vittoria's in it.

These two pages were put together gradually. I started off with wallpaper as the background. The grass washi tape came from a penpal letter, the rest came together piece by piece as I found flowery things to go on the pages until I thought it was finished.

These two pages also have a flower theme and I've added a pocket.


 This envelope from Tams was too lovely to add to my penpal folder, it's a work of art on it's own.

These two pages hold a collection of business cards that I've acquired either by buying something from there or as fellow stall holders at fairs. Again I needed somewhere to keep them, and this is a good a place as any.

I'm going to be making at least one new journal soon, plus I'll continue to add to this one, so there'll be more paper related posts to come.

I'll be back on Thursday, have fun till then!


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