Friday, 5 August 2016

The works in progress (wips)

This one, above, is destined to become a pin pillow. Since you saw it last, the last two seams have been done. Next I'm going to add the three pieces of lace that are pinned on and finish the lettering. Once that's done I'll decide whether it needs anymore embellishment before it's backed.

I've not done much more to this little pouch other than finishing the lettering. The various bits of lace will be added, along with a bit of embroidery before being lined and sewn into shape and the bow being added. .

This brooch is new, so you've not seen it before, it has the words 'Be still, listen' embroidered on it. It's all done apart from the buttonhole lace that will join the front to its back.

I have a gift that I need to make, but these three items should be finished soon and I'll show them to you when they are.

I'll be back again on Sunday, hopefully with one of these!


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