Thursday, 24 July 2014

Triple-layer sample

I'm learning all sorts of things from Karen Ruane and this is another new one for me, creating cloth with three layers, one of which is paper.

The bottom layer is cream lace that was from a vintage slip, the middle is rose-printed cotton, and the top is mulberry paper. The holes are created by revealing the underneath layers and the paper is attached to the layers of fabric and lace using free motion embroidery. The paper I've used can be damp-stretched so, once this has been embellished to my satisfaction, it'll be damp-stretched and will then become part of a journal page.

The embellishment done so far includes, buttonhole lace around the whole piece, french knots, blanket stitch, rope stitch and wrapped running stitch. I've also added an appliqued and stuffed bump.

You'll be seeing this piece again and I'll be using the technique again too, the paper creates a lovely surface to work on.


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