Thursday, 10 July 2014

This week I....

Can't believe it's the 10th of July already - I'm sure it's still June!

Made a brooch for a swap.

Mounted some of my handmade lace.

Started to play with some vintage crepe de chine, it's not what I expected but I love the way it's turned out.

Made some bunting.

Delivered said bunting to Hoylake, which is getting ready for the British Open Golf Championship that starts next Thursday.

Made a copy of a picture of my Nana (my Mum's Mum) that I've been meaning to print and frame for ages!

Last, but not least, I visited a nice young doctor (the only time I feel my age is when someone like a doctor is younger than me! A lot of the policemen around here are about 12!) who carried out my assessment for my personal independence payment (PIP) application. As I've mentioned before, I have chronic fatigue some days are better than others. Someone reading the above about what I've been doing the past week may think whether that is true or certainly shouldn't be eligible for a benefit.

But, the this week hasn't been typical in that I have been out of the house three days on the run (the PIP assessment, a quick trip to Hoylake and visited my Mum and Dad). Normally I only leave the house two days a week. Being out the extra times this week as meant that I haven't done much embroidery, my time has mainly been spent on the sofa watching tv. This post has already taken me an hour - brain fog is one of the major side-effects of chronic fatigue, but I can take my time. 

I have to weigh up what I want to do, if I do a little light gardening, I can't do any sewing etc Everything is an either/or not both. Sorry for wittering on about this, but some people don't understand what true fatigue is.


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