Monday, 21 July 2014

A present from Texas

Happy mail, I love happy mail. This arrived in the post last Saturday.

This parcel is from Linda who lives in Texas, USA. I 'met' her thanks to Karla's Cottage blog and Facebook. One of the advantages of the internet is that you come across people you would never have known about conventionally. I have internet friends in the USA, Canada, Australia, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and New Zealand and I follow blogs, Facebook pages, Instagram and Pinterest pages of a lot more people in these and other countries. Anyway, that's a whole different blog post, lets get back to my present.

I've always admired Linda's work and now I have my own little piece, a fabulous collage made up of all sorts of lovely things. The joys of using found objects etc and someone's imagination means that you can own something unique, like this.

Packaging is always fun too, and is usually added to my stash. This parcel had manuscript printed tissue paper, this can be used for decoupage or journal pages. Linda used a collection of fancy fibres to tie the parcel, she'd used some on the collage too, this will be used on some embroidery or collage of my own, or, when I manage to find time to do some, for some weaving.

I'm a very lucky lady!


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