Tuesday, 18 April 2017

A bit of a stroll and adding to the wip* pile!

It was lovely and sunny this morning so we caught the bus up to New Brighton to have a bit of a stroll and a coffee in Morrisons.

I love the big blue skies we get here when it's sunny. The ferris wheel is new, it was put up last week, and it looks like it may be there for the summer. It has little open baskets, unlike the bigger one in Liverpool that has little pods. I don't think I'll be having a go on it, but if I did I definitely wouldn't do it on a windy day! The wind comes in straight off the sea and it will shake those little baskets really hard!

Your saw this piece in the hoop in my last wip video and I've added some flowers etc to it since then.

The first two photos above are new collages that I started this weekend (rather than working on the stuff on the go already)! I blame it on the fabric! I came across some little scraps of fabric in my sewing tin that I thought would go well with a birds image that I'd printed onto fabric (the first photo). Most of my work starts this way, rather than doing a sketch first, but that does mean I need to start it when I get the idea! 

The second one happended because I started another button top (the photo above) that I didn't need it for my last #our52weekproject post so I was thinking of what I could use it for and decided on another collage using the button as a starting point  (see the middle photo above). Plus I had another bird image that I could use with it.

I'll be back on Thursday with my button tutorial.


*wip - work in progress

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