Sunday, 16 April 2017

#our52weekproject - week 15

There's more button experiments for this week's circle as I had so much fun with them last week.

For this week's three buttons, I used vintage linen as the base fabric. This first one also has a scrap of yellow fabric. 

It's quite a plain button, with just the three prairie points and rouleau loop tucked into seams that I've edged with running stitch.

The second button is more fancy.

For this second button, I added a seam of lace and a seam using the edge of the tablecloth the linen came from (these are very good for seams as they're already 'finished'), to go with the linen seam. I added sequins and french knots to the linen seam and a couple of bullion loops to the edge seam. I also added beads to the top curveof the button.

The third button is the smallest, but it does come with ts own button.

I made the smaller button first, just linen with an edge of beads. The button that one sits on has a piece of ribbon and a seam made from a scrap of toile fabric. One edge of the button has beads, the other stab stitches and the toile seam has french knots. I attached the little button to the centre of the red ribbon.

Again, these three buttons will be added to my #our52weekproject journal as samples.

I'll be doing a tutorial on how to make these buttons in my post on Thursday, but I will be back on Tuesday.


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