Sunday, 30 April 2017

#our52weekproject - week 17

#52weeksof stitchingthecircle

As my next few weeks of samples will be about fabric manipulation, I too this book of the shelves so I can delve into it's world of fabric manipulating. This week I'm looking at pleating. I've created four different samples, though I've only used stitch to form the pleats, rather than ironing them, so they're soft rather than crisp.

This first one is of folds attached down in the centre with back stitch.

This sample is folded in the same way as the last one but the ends of the edges of each pleat is attached down in in the opposite direction to the other giving the pleat a twist.

This one has been made from a strip of fabric with running stitch down the centre that I used to pull the fabric into pleats. I then twisted the strip as I attached it to the fabric.

This sample has the running stitch along the bottom of the strip of the fabric and pulled up tightly.

Next week I'll be doing more of the pleating, but with the use of an iron.

I'll be back on Tuesday. 


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