Monday, 10 April 2017

#our52weekproject - week 14

A very talented embroiderer Michelle has been making buttons like these and been putting photographs of them onto her Instagram feed (you can find her on Instagram as @pardalotemakes). They looked like so much fun that I wanted to have a go myself. Mind you, I'm supposed to be concentrating on felt bunnies, so to get round that I decided to them for this week's circle! These three will be mounted onto the linen circle in the second photo and added to my #our52weekproject journal.

The two cream coloured buttons are covered in scraps from a vintage napkin the other is just some cotton fabric I had to hand. I've used old buttons (this method is a great way to use those ugly brown and black buttons in you r button tin) as a base, cut a circle of fabric that I stitched around as if I was making a suffolk puff/yoyo and placed the button, along with a circle of batting underneath, into the gathered fabric and tightened and secured the thread.

I then decorated the first, plainer one, with beads. The second one has buttonhole lace, then beads and a circle of chain stitch. The third one has a ring of purple beads that I then used as the start point for creating patterns with thread like I did on week 12.

This fourth button is unfinished as I need to add the eyes (from hooks and eyes) around the whole of the circumference. I may also create a matching button with the hooks too, though I have no idea what I'm going to use them for! I am definitely  going to be making some more - once the bunnies are finished of course!

I'll be back on Wednesday.


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